Try Something New!

An oldie, but goodie! #trysomethingnew

Masala Baby Food

Hello!!! Happy 2016! (I’m about a month late). 😉

DSC_1021 It’s not always about the PBJ (though PBJ is indeed yummy)

I’ve been very busy writing a book! (Hence the lack of blogging the past few months). Around the World in 80 Pureeswill be published by Quirk Books this year! More on this soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I have a story to share, one that involves taking risk. Well, ok, not that much risk, but for a little one’s taste buds, it might be! And that’s ok. Trying new things, including different foods and flavors, should be on everyone’s 2016 agenda.

I stumbled upon this resolution last month, as I was enjoying a night out with some mom friends. We all have children under the age of five so it is always a treat to get dressed up and have someone else do the cooking for a change…

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