Welcome Spring! And Spring babies. :)

Hello everyone!

It has simply been ages since I have posted! This is largely due to some happy news…we have a new ethnic baby in our household! My little girl Ela was born on March 7, 2014!  She was a whopping 5lbs, 18-inches.  All are fine and healthy, thank goodness.  Here’s a snappy:



I kind of want to eat her up sometimes. 🙂  Appropriate, since I’m devoted to all things food.  Nibbling on baby toes must count, right?

Little Ela is adorable, but as she does not sleep at any rational time, we have entered that lovely parental zombie-land where you forget whether you showered on any given day, or remembered if you ate.  Interestingly my 2.5-year-old, Kirina, is the most well-rested person in the house, sleeping a magical 12 or so hours at night.  Maybe she can take care of Ela during the day. 🙂

All joking aside, we are so in love with our little girls.  And I am excited to introduce Ela to all the yummy foods of the world as she gets older.  I intend to do the same thing I did with Kirina, introducing her to spices and seasonings early on in life.  In fact, I’m already doing that now while nursing (did you know breast milk takes on the flavors of your own diet? Pretty neat!).  Diversifying your child’s food choices from an early age really works.  We have proof too…here’s a picture of my Kirina shoveling Pad Thai in her mouth this weekend (I had to help her with the chopsticks.  She thinks she can use them, but it sort of ends up in her eye.  Not good!).




Anyway, I can’t wait for these new culinary adventures with my babies! I have another post related to fenugreek seeds and nursing that I found fascinating…will write more on that later.  Ela is awake and my laptop is crying for a charge. From Kirina’s (and Ela’s) highchair to yours, Bon Appetit!


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