Watermelon Agua Fresca

Happy almost Fourth of July everyone!

We are sooo excited about summer over here! It is in full swing and full of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In my previous posts I mentioned loving this time of year because it enables my little Kirina (age 3) and I to visit farms and pick all sorts of yummies, from berries to peas to melons.

We discovered this concoction after one of our hot afternoons outside: Watermelon Agua Fresca.  Sooo good! Agua fresca in Spanish simply means “juice made with fresh water.”  What a great way to beat the heat.  Also a great way to introduce some herbs.  Mint has been the herb of the week over here…it just sings summer! Kirina enjoys picking it and I enjoy muddling it into a mohito (did I mention babies make us want to drink? 🙂 ).

This agua fresca recipe is barely even a recipe and can be worked into any BBQ party you are having this weekend.


Ingredients: 2 cups watermelon + 1 leaf fresh mint

Method: Blend together 2 cups chilled watermelon chunks with a few spoonfuls of water.  For babies, simply puree and serve.  For toddlers, add more water to make a refreshing drink that they can drink out of a straw.  For adults, well, you know the drill.  Find some alcohol and add slowly. 😉

Um, yes, that is it.  I wish I had a picture.  It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to grab a camera.  I’ll leave you with a summery picture of my almost four-month-old instead.


From our highchair to yours, bon appetit!



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