Ela’s First Spoonful! Find out what it was…

Masala Baby Food

Hi Everyone!

IMG_3790 Ela getting ready for her first bites!

Finally!! The moment is here! Ela turned six-months-old this past week and we got the official clearance from her pediatrician to start solids. YAY!

Oh the pediatrician.  Ok, before I mildly rant about anything, I want you to know that I love this office.  They are wonderful souls and are always there for us.  But the fellow we saw yesterday is a bit old school and gave me the run-down of what I should be feeding Ela for her first bites.

Surprise!  It was all bland, boring and yucky!


As with Kirina, the same box of pasty rice cereal was mentioned.  And eating applesauce for five days in a row before trying anything else.

And, “no need to use seasonings.  babies don’t need them.”

Um, ok, this kind of kills the entire premise of my book, my blog, and my general culinary mission…

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