What is it?:
Oregano is a perennial herb and relative of the mint family.

Savory and slightly bitter.  The dried herbs have a stronger flavor than the fresh leaves.

How to use:
Oregano is probably best known for its uses in Italian-American food, particularly tomato-based sauces, but it is also a common ingredient found in Turkish dishes (often meat dishes) and Greek cuisine (barbecued meats and salad dressing).  Oregano is also used in Latin America and the Philippines.

Uses in Baby Food:
Using oregano early in baby’s food is a smart idea.  Since it is so commonly used in adult meals, in everything from meat to veggies to dressings, getting baby used to the flavor will help the transition to grown-up foods later.  A pinch of dried oregano pairs well with carrot or tomato purees.  Lemon and oregano are a popular combination and are good with a potato puree for a Mediterranean taste.


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